Bahamas Vacation: Playground Of The Rich & Famous

The Bahamian Islands cover 100,000-square-miles of tropical paradise that comprises over 650 islands and 2400 cays and located a mere 50 miles off the Florida coast. Once called the “Isles of Perpetual June” by George Washington, the Bahamas is blessed with a tropical climate that makes it a year-round destination for people who long for a relaxation from the grueling North American scene. An excellent time to visit the Bahamas is in the summer, which falls between June and August. Winter is sometimes surprisingly cold, and daily high temperatures in the Bahamas rarely go below 60°F from December to February, and the sun shines an average of 300 days out of the year.

Named as the “playground of the rich and famous,” the Bahamas offers a smorgasbord of attractions and diversions that are as colorful and unique as the archipelago’s history, heritage, and habitants. The diverse geography and rich natural resources of the Bahamas guarantee satisfaction for tourists of every agenda and persuasion. Surf lovers will find boundless serenity and self-indulgence in the Bahamas’ breath-taking beaches, while fun seekers who prefer to shun the sun can go spelunking in the Hatchet Bay Caves or bird-watching at Inagua. Many travelers discover that there is so much to see and do in the Bahamas that only a return visit would enable them to sample every little pleasure that the Bahamas has to offer.

Why go to the Bahamas if you’d rather not get wet? It is so difficult to resist the allure of the pristine beaches and soft, powdery sand of the Bahamas islands it would be akin to skipping the gondola ride when visiting Venice. The endless stretch of spectacular sand and sea, the Bahamas is a beach lover’s paradise that should not be missed. The beaches provide an idyllic refuge for everyone from world-weary travelers to starry-eyed honeymooners. The Bahamas has well over 450 miles of the earth’s clearest waters, and an inexhaustible array of beach and water activities.

Crystal blue and emerald green waters provide a magnificent venue for water sports such as parasailing, waterskiing, and windsurfing. On Bimini Island, the deep-sea fishing capital of the world and Ernest Hemingway’s favorite game-fishing hideaway in the Bahamas teems with marine life that is unrivaled in any other part of the world. Visitors to the Bahamas who are not spell-bound by the charms of water sports and game fishing can always retreat to a secluded area on the beach with a good book while working on a super tan.

Nature lovers who are loathe to strap on a swimsuit will find plenty of destinations and adventures to choose from in the Bahamas. The Exuma Cays Land and Sea Park is a 175-square-mile preserve and wildlife refuge in the Bahamas that is home to several rare birds, colorful fish, and exotic reptiles, including the endangered Bahamian Iguana. Go to the Abaco National Park on Out Island and the Great Inagua in the Bahamas, considered as two of the best bird-watching destinations in the entire Caribbean Islands.

More than 1,100 Bahamians participate in a community involvement project that brings tourists and locals together on a more personal level. Visitors get a first-hand taste of life on the islands by engaging in activities with their Bahamian hosts, such as sharing a home-cooked meals, spending an evening of pleasant conversation, or worshipping together at the local church. Involving People-to-People, participants gain invaluable insights and a wealth of memories that make their visit to the Islands a memorable and highly rewarding experience.

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