Best Beach Resort in Boracay – Where to Have the Best Beach Vacation

Boracay Island in the Philippines is home to one of the world’s best white-sand beaches. If you want your Boracay beach vacation to be the best it could ever be, then you should make sure to find the best beach resort that can meet your expectations and budget.

The word “best” is subjective. What is ideal for one person may be less than desirable for another person. Looking at it this way, only you can decide which hotel or resort in Boracay would be the best for you.

That said, with the range of resorts and hotels on Boracay island, there is sure to be something that will accommodate your preferences. For instance, if you want to stay somewhere that is in the heart of the party place, amidst the bars and restaurants, then resorts in Boracay Beach Station 2 would be perfect for you.

This area is smack dab in the middle of the world-famous White Beach, and here you can find restaurants serving various cuisines, retail stores that sell both high-end goods as well as bargain items, the tourist center, supermarkets, etc.

You might think the resorts located in Station 2 would be noisy and crowded, but this isn’t always true. A number of Station 2 accommodations provide a surprisingly peaceful respite from the bustle and hubbub of the stores, bars, and restaurants.

If your preference is for a place that is still in the White Beach area, but somewhere that’s a bit more quiet or secluded, then you might want to consider beach resorts in Stations 1 or 3. The beaches are just as exquisite, the waters just as splendid. However, the beaches are more spacious since they are wider than that found in Station 2.

You can also find resorts and hotels in other areas of Boracay. The resorts on Bolabog beach, for instance, are popular among those who visit the island to windsurf or kitesurf; those on Diniwid Beach are the choice of those who really want a secluded atmosphere.

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