Blog Promotion Through Blog Directory Submission

A blog or a weblog is a magazine that is made accessible on the Internet. The process of revising or updating them is called “blogging” and the owner is called a “blogger”. These are usually revised each day. The postings that are made on them are arranged in a chronological order and the latest additions show on the top.

There are different types of blogs –

Personal Blogs
This is a traditional and most common blog of all. It is like a commentary that is made by an individual or a kind of ongoing diary. The owners of these take pleasure in their posts even though their blog is not read by many. Under this category there is another type of them called micro-blogging. For example, Twitter allows an individual to share their deepest thoughts instantly with family and friends.

Corporate Blogs
This is primarily used for business purposes. These kinds are used by corporates for marketing purposes. They can also be used within the corporation to promote the culture of the organization and also allow free communication between the employees – both internal and external employees.

By Genre
There are some that hub on a particular theme only. For example, travel blogs which are also known as travelogs. These focus on travel related information only. Other examples are blogs on political, education, music, fashion, mom, Splog [these blogs are only used for spamming – not a legitimate blog], etc.

By Media Type
These focus on the media type. For example, a blog consisting of only links is called a linklog, a blog consisting of only photos is called a photoblog, a blog consisting of only videos is called a vlog, a blog consisting of sketches is called a sketchblog.

By Device
Based on the device that is used to compose a blog, a blog can be defined by it. For example, a moblog is one which is written by a PDA or phone [mobile device].

Promoting a Blog in the Search Engines
When you have created an online blog, but you don’t have enough readers to your blog, you can do Blog Directory Submission which is an effective technique. This technique will list your blog among the various blog directories, providing you with direct traffic and improved keyword ranking. Therefore, it is important to submit your blog to good blog directories.

Advantages of Blog Directory Submission:
1. It builds traffic to your blog by increasing the number of followers and also readers.
2. Makes it easier for the spiders to index your blog.
3. Improves the keyword positioning of your blogs.
4. Builds the popularity of your blog – branding.
5. Increases the sales or communicating the blog message [news] to the masses.

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