Celebrating Christmas in the Island of Rhodes, Greece

Have a wonderful experience of Christmas during your upcoming Rhodes Holidays. This beautiful island welcomes tourists from all over the world and lets them experience an unforgettable experience of their lives. The picturesque beauty, amazing sites and exciting entertainment opportunities offers everything to make you enjoy the best vacations of your life. Yearly, a large number of tourists from all corners of the world come to this place and enjoy the Mediterranean Greek culture during Christmas celebrations. Below are some popular Christmas celebrations in Island Rhodes, Greece.

Official Celebrations:

It is the duty of Cultural Organization of Municipality to decorate all major streets, venues and buildings as well as organize Christmas ceremonies. Celebrations continue till the last Christmas day. Everyone can enjoy and participate in the stunning performances of musicians, artists and dancers. Different shows that reflect traditional Greek culture are being arranged so that you can enjoy them during your Christmas Rhodes holidays.

Public Celebrations:

Whether it’s Rhodes Municipality or Public organizations, all take part in celebrations and serves the tourists gracefully. People wear special dresses to welcome their valuable guests. Both young and old take part in contests and get special gifts. Children go from one house to another singing carols and enjoying. They are rewarded with Christmas sweets or small gifts by the homeowners.

RODA Train:

A special train known as RODA train is run especially during Christmas. Carrying out from Aktaion to the mansion of Rhodes, it is carried out on daily basis. People enjoy riding on this train whereby they get an opportunity to see different sites of Rhodes that are specially embellished for Christmas celebrations.

Traditional Greek Food:

In Rhodes Island, people fast for forty days before Christmas Eve. Therefore the grand Christmas feast is a very special treat for everyone. Traditional Greek food is strongly associated with the event of Christmas. Melomakarona and Kourabiedes are famous cookies found in almost all bakeries and shops. Turkey is cooked in most homes. Moreover, people love to eat Kataifi, Loukoumades, Diples, Baklava, Gourounopoulo and Christopsomo (Christ Bread) etc.


From picturesque beaches to ancient churches and monasteries, Rhodes has a variety of places where one can go and enjoy his Rhodes holidays during Christmas. During Christmas holidays, the medieval historic buildings look more fascinating due to unique lighting and decorations. This multi-cultural place is the ideal destination for those who want to spend their holidays in a calm and tranquil manner as well as for the fun and party freaks.

Ranging from a honeymoon couple to an individual exhausted from his busy life, Rhodes is a perfect place for tourists of all ages and tastes. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy delicious traditional cuisines, beautiful sightseeing and other entertainment opportunities.

Rhodes Island is a must see place especially during Christmas. If you want to enjoy your Christmas holidays to the best then do not delay and plan your Christmas Rhodes holidays in Island Rhodes, Greece. This beautiful Island will provide everything so that you enjoy the best Christmas of your life.

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