Discover Fira – The Beautiful Fira Village in Santorini Island, Greece

Santorini is one of the most famous and beautiful Cycladic Island located in the Aegean Sea about 200 km south-east from Athens. In Santorini there are many things to see and do which becomes the unforgettable and breathe taking experiences for the tourists. Deep blue see, active volcano, volcanic landscape, delightful sunny weather, delicious local wine, breath taking sun set, beautiful villages and rich history are the few of the reasons that fame Santorini as the most popular holiday and vacation destination in all over the world.

The villages of Santorini Island are regarded as the most beautiful villages in Greece. Fira is the most beautiful and considered as one of the most important of all villages with approximately 2000 permanent residents. Fira town is the capital of Santorini Island which clings to the edge of a cliff at a height of 260 meters and offers the most pictorial representation of the submerged volcano. Pyrgos was the capital of the Island, but early in the 19th century the capital of island was moved to Fira.

The Island of Santorini was greatly affected by a severe earthquake in 1956 that destroyed a large part of the Island. The effect of the earthquake was so stringent that a part of Fira town was destroyed completely, but fortunately few of the 18th century building were saved.

Fira is a completely modern town and a typical Cycladic Village made of dazzling white painted houses with blue color windows and doors separated from each other with stepped streets. Not only the dazzling white houses but also some blue domed churches and sun- bathed verandas offer an extraordinary view of the volcano and the unforgettable sunset.

Fira is the largest town on the island and visitors often prefer this place as it is in central position made easy for the travelers to access other parts of Santorini by rent cars and public buses. During summer and in its high season the central streets become more crowded, live and filled with all kind and varieties of restaurant, cafes, shops, bars and night clubs. Besides all crowd one can find many places quite to relax and enjoy the great view of island and surrounding areas.

The town also contains many churches and monasteries such as Panagia tou Rodariou, the cathedral of Hypapandi, the monastery of Panagia ton Dominikanidon, Agios Minas, the cathedral of Christ and the Catholic Cathedral. There is also Megaron Gyzi Museum, which has a great collection of valuable photos of Fira before and after the earthquake of 1956.

Fira is a nice town for shopping and in the main hub of the town one can find huge range of jewelry shops and also you can find usual tourist style shops and smart boutiques. The town has a large number of hotels and you can notice most of the hotels are offering swimming pools and verandas to attract their customers. In summer from early morning to evening the cable car has facilitated the life of people, especially the tourists, but the mules carrying tourists are still a vital point of attraction creating an original experience.

Communication to Fira

One can access to Fira by public bus, rent cars and private vehicle. Fira is also connected with public busses to all villages and touristic resorts of the Island

Fira has been attracting a large number of visitors from all over the world with various cultural and financial back grounds. It offers glamorous and luxurious hotels, restaurants, rented rooms, camps, bars, cafeteria and night clubs for easy accommodation and entertaining visits of offshore tourists.

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