Discover the Artistic Side of Andalucia With School Travel Companies

When it comes to organising rewarding and successful educational trips, school travel companies are worth their weight in gold. Being experts, they have all the resources at hand, as well as the knowledge and experience to make these trips, not only academically enhancing but also plenty of fun. Booking with one of the top dedicated school travel companies makes the job of planning and orchestrating educational excursions so much easier.

The best school travel companies have a vast portfolio of itineraries, which encompass destinations all over the world and focuses on any number of subjects from the National Curriculum. Some may even be able to tailor-make an excursion or tweak them to suit the specific needs and the learning aims of a group.

Although with such a huge choice, many groups may travel to far-flung corners of the world, bear in mind there is so much on our European doorstep to discover, too. AndalucĂ­a, in Southern Spain, is an excellent place to take groups of young people and, for those studying art and design, in particular, this region has much to offer.

Art and Design in AndalucĂ­a

This fascinating region of Spain is full of history, and its strongly engrained culture continues to dominate the communities and cities today, adding to its considerable charm. Malaga is the capital of the region and lies at the hub of its art heritage. The Centre of Contemporary Art in Malaga houses a permanent collection of 20th century art, by artists such as Tracey Emin and Anish Kapoor, but also presents 24 exhibitions a year featuring other world class art, which attract contemporary art buffs from all over the world. There are also works by local Andalucian artists displayed here, as well as ongoing themed exhibitions.

Students will be keen to delve into the life and times of Picasso, who was born in this city. They can visit the house of his birth, the Casa Natal, which is open to the public. Here students can discover more about the life of this great artist, see fine examples of his preparatory graphic work, and explore his library. Of course there is also a museum in the city dedicated to the incredible works of this artist, and the collection is spread throughout 12 different rooms within.

For those students with a keen interest in photography, The Andalucian Centre of Photography is well worth a visit. There is a fantastic display of photographs here by several famous photographers. Seville is home to the Isabel Gallery, which again has an emphasis on the contemporary, with exhibitions that promote the work of new and upcoming artists.

Book with one of the top school travel companies and you can add various other excursions to your art-focused trip. Students should definitely see the Alhambra in Cadiz and a trip to a local flamenco show is always a great experience.

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