Explore the Indian Spirituality in Varanasi

Varanasi formerly known as Banaras and Kashi – the city of light, it has a strong spiritual past and being considered as the most important place of Hindu pilgrimage. It is believed to be the oldest city of the world and still taken as the most religious place of India.

No other place is as spiritual and charismatic as the pious Ghats of Varanasi surrounded by divine temples. It is believed that those people who die in this holy place directly reach to their salvation. They get blessed by the creator and gets free from the karma chakra, they get liberated from the cycle of life and death. The river Ganges is said to be the river of salvation, and that Hindu pilgrims who takes a dive in the river Ganges gets their sins washed away. Mostly Hindu pilgrims come here to cremate their family members who are dead and get their sins washed away. It’s a place of death and rebirth.

According to the Hindu mythology, this city is the beating heart of Hindu religion. It’s a place where physical and spiritual world crosses itself. This majestic city is the place of countless deaths, rituals of life and death has been witnessed by the Ghats of the river Ganges since ages and ages. These kinds of ancient practices and rituals raise the curiosity of tourists and attract them to the core. Moreover, the quiet walk along the Ghats offers a fascinating experience. Boat rides on the river banks of Ganges provides a breath taking view and unforgettable experience to remember.

Varanasi offers a totally different and unique picture to its visitors which they have never witnessed before and that can never be seen in any other place of the world. To visit this holy city is an experience in itself which one can never be able to forget. In this place one gets closer to its soul. People experience a kind of self discovery, experience the oneness of the physical and the spiritual self.

Apart from the spiritual significance of the Varanasi, this city is also known for its art and culture. Because of the rich cultural tradition of Varanasi, it is also famous as the cultural capital of India. Varanasi is a perfect blend of history, mythology, archaeology, and art which makes it significant in terms of Indian culture. Apart from the enigmatic Ghats, Varanasi has beautiful temples, excellent architecturally built forts, structural monuments and different cultural centers to offers to the tourists which are a must to visit while travelling in this city.

Like other states of India, Varanasi is also famous for its festivals. Here festivals have been celebrated with a lot of zeal and enthusiasm. The city provides smooth travelling, whether the travelers chose to travel by airways, railways or roadways, it is very well connected from all the other parts of the country and provide comfortable transport facilities.

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