Exploring Reykjavik on a Northern Lights Trip to Iceland

For many planning a trip to see the Northern Lights, Iceland is the first place that comes to mind. Blessed with a diverse collection of natural wonders, the country is a perfect choice.

Between September and March, visitors have the best chance of seeing the most stunning of natural phenomena – the Northern Lights. Iceland has many wonderful rural areas, undisturbed by light pollution and any other factors that might influence the quality of the Aurora Borealis sightings. If you book a trip with an expert company that is experienced in organising excursions to view the Northern Lights, Iceland becomes the gateway to one of the most magnificent experiences you can ever have.

It shouldn’t be forgotten, however, that the country also has a host of other attractions that can make the experience even more exciting. Its capital city, Reykjavik, is definitely a highlight that should be explored.

Exploring Reykjavik

Many organised trips that include excursion to see the Northern Lights also offer time on the itinerary in the capital city, and while here you will be inundated with options for things to see and do.


High on the list of “must-sees” is the National Museum, which offers visitors a complicit insight into the country’s national heritage. The museum houses over 300,000 artifacts, which include photographs covering the country’s unique history. They span the time from the original settlers to the Christian Chieftains, Norwegians and Danish, bringing you right up to date with the modern situation in the country today.

Thermal Pools

For something very different but very authentically Icelandic, you can head to one of the thermal swimming pools around the city. Perfect for an indulgent relaxation, you can wallow in the hot tubs or enjoy a steam bath. Most pools are open through into the evening, but it is always best to check to avoid being disappointed.


The country is far from devoid of artistic heritage, and the National Gallery of Iceland boasts a fabulous collection of 19th and 20th century Icelandic art, as well as some international contributions. Proudly home to the most valuable collection of art in the country, the museum displays work by some of its most famous artists.

Unique Cuisine

After a day’s sightseeing, you may want to treat yourself to a traditional gastronomic feast, and the Icelandic Bar is the perfect place to do it. Situated right next to Hotel Borg, you can sample Puffin and Minke Whale here, although it has been said that you can also remain a little more mainstream with some equally delicious fish stew or one of the delectable lamb dishes.

It’s clear to see that even beyond the incredible Northern Lights, Iceland has much to offer. A stay in Reykjavik is just one way of extending your trip and seeing more of this exciting and varied country.

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