Free Yourself With Travel – Be Who You Really Want to Be

When we travel, we can experiment with life. We can ask ourselves; What do I really like to do when I have the time to do what I want? and What keeps me from pleasing myself instead of following or pleasing other people?

When I was having lunch in a pub in Mousehole, in south west England, I spent several hours chatting with a couple I met there. It is fun to make new friends. When the closing bell was rung, several of us went to one fellow’s loft. I was challenged to discover how I would behave when he was attempting to seduce me. I was free to be and do whatever I chose. No one would ever know. But I know. What did this tell me about who I am when I am really free to choose?

At another point in my travels my music player broke. On a limited budget, I had to make the decision to replace it on my credit card or live without music for the duration of the trip. This challenged me to stay within my budget or charge the cost. What did this tell me about my real attitude toward spending money? What does it tell me about how important music is in my life?

In Burgundy France I was confronted with eating something unacceptable to me, making a scene or accepting my mistake in the dish I ordered due to poor mastery of the language. I was told that that was the way it was described on the menu. I was challenged to try to arrange for different food or swallow what was provided. This tested my assertive communication skills and helped me see how much of a pleaser I am.

Can I really do what I want? Is it more important to me to not make an issue? How do I behave when my husband says his dinner is delicious and offers no help with the problem? What do I expect of him?

When we know ourselves we can accept our unique qualities and also find characteristics we can choose to change. We can choose to live life the way we really want. Travel can help us explore new and exciting ways to live our lives as our authentic Self. Traveling reveals our true nature. Discover your true:

  • Morals
  • Values
  • Stress tolerance
  • Adaptability
  • Stamina
  • Beliefs
  • Tolerance
  • Self image

Are you who and how you want to be?

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