Hotels in Greece

If you are planning a summer vacation, firstly, you need to choose a place that is right for you. You can choose a place anywhere in world, but be careful with travel agent brochures; they show beautiful photos but you need to question “is this a true picture of the place?” You want to be one hundred per cent sure you chose right, as the summer holiday happens only once a year. The first question to be answered is “Which do I prefer- sea or mountains?” If you do prefer blue sea, sandy beaches and sunshine then Greece is perhaps the best choice for you! When choosing a hotel you need to decide which hotel would suit you best – cosy, family run hotel or maybe a posh, luxury one? Greek Islands offer all types of hotels, but you need to know where to look.

Santorini – an Island situated in the Mediterranean Sea, offers a very high standards of accommodation. Every year, famous people from all over the world visit the Island and the Islanders do everything possible to ensure the quality of hotels and services are set at the highest standards. Hotels in Santorini are the most luxurious but also the most expensive compared to other Greek Islands. Santorini is also well known for a huge amount of praise, mostly from Chinese tourists. What Santorini lacks in sandy, beautiful beaches is compensated by breath-taking views. Santorini is not a right choice however, if you are looking for a cheap, family vacation! Mykonos Island falls into the same holiday destination category, as Santorini.

Another Island with equally high standards is Corfu, located in the Ionian Sea. Corfu is the greenest Greek Island with beautiful beaches and many interesting historical places to see. Corfu is the most cosmopolitan of the Greek Islands. Over the centuries, Corfu has been ruled by various countries, such as Venetia, Britain, France and even Russia. This has resulted in many cultures blending and influencing together throughout the Island. Corfu is a well maintained and clean Island. Tourism is the main source of income for the local population, so services offered are at a very high standard. Hotels in Corfu are run professionally and with emphasise on Greek tradition. Corfu offers either small, family run hotels or larger, more luxurious hotels, at more affordable prices compared to Santorini or Mykonos. Other Islands offering the same price and service are Lefkada, Zakhintos and Kefalonia.

Aegina is a small Island in Saronic Gulf, not far from Athens, the capital of Greece. There are many reasons why Aegina is not currently being advertised in tourist guides. This Island was very popular in the 1980’s; but since then, nothing has changed there. Most of the hotels are in poor condition; d├ęcor of the rooms has not changed for many years. In addition, roads, pavements and fences are in need of major refurbishment. Reasonable prices and many interesting places to visit are Aegina’s advantages. There are not too many luxurious, modern hotels on the Island, however you can can find many cosy, cheap hotels in Aegina. Kos and Ikaria offer a similar standard to Aegina.

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