Obtaining Tourist Visa from the Dubai for Your Vacation With Best Consultants

In this article, we will explain how to attain a tourist visa from the UAE to fulfill your dream with the help of migration consultants Dubai. Canada is a fantastic country for many individuals from the UAE. With its vibrant and beautiful natural beauty landscape, sound cities and different cultures and heritage, Canada provides several tourism experiences. Before starting your Canada adventure, you must attain the Canada tourist visa, a well-known temporary resident visa. This guide gives an overview of the procedure to assist you in protecting your  tourist visa and moving your dream into reality.


Find Your Suitability

Before setting the application process, monitoring your qualifications for the Canadian tourist visa is essential. The eligibility realm involves:

  • An accurate passport.
  • Displaying the intent to go back to the united arab emirate.
  • Having the effective funds to cover your stay  in canada.

Needed Documents

Gathering the required documents is an important step in your visa form. General documents include: 

  • Reliable Passport
  • Fill out the Full Application Form
  • Passport sized Pictures
  • Traveling Route
  • Show financial statement
  • Job offer
  • Welcoming letter
  • Traveling assurance 
  • Crime Certificate
  • Reason for the statement 

Fulfilling Application

Embark your procedure application by generating an account on the immigration, refugee and Citizen Canada website. Complete the online visa application, be ready to upload your necessary documents, and focus on the fee submission on time.

Processing time

The handling time for the Canada tourist visa can depend on different reasons, for example, the period of the year and the number of applications being processed. You can check the status of your application on the IRCC website.

Getting Visa

The visa application is approved, and you will get the port of entry, introductory and temporary resident visa if needed. These documents will permit you to travel to Canada.

Moving Canada

Moving to Canada, the Canada immigration consultants in UAE will investigate your documents and may ask queries about your visit. Ensure you confirm the visa terms involving the duration of your stay and enjoy your dream vacation in Canada.


If you want to spread your duration in Canada, you must apply for an extension before your visa expires. If you schedule to go back to Canada for another vacation, you will be required to get a new Canada tourist visa.

Laws And Regulations

In Canada, it is important to stick to Canadian regulations. Acquaint yourself with the local customs and respect the nation’s rules to ensure an outstanding and hassle-free action realm.

Final Words

Obtaining a Canadian tourist visa from the country United Arab Emirates is a complete procedure that needs considerable scheduling and attention to documentation. By following the steps defined in this article and looking for assistance from the immigration consultants if required, you can improve your possibility of attaining a Canadian tourist visa and start on the vacation of your fantasy in Canada’s aspiring realm and sound cities.

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