The Best of Luxury Boutique Hotels in the World

One of the most important part of holidays and travel is that of accommodations and hotels where we usually stay. There are different categories of hotels that are available all over the world. It may depend largely on the budget that you have on a particular trip.

There are a variety of different hotels that are there which have a wide variety of different facilities and amenities. These go a long way to make a comfortable and pleasant stay for you here.

The luxury of staying at some of the boutique hotels of the world can be an incredible experience owing to the high standards of services and facilities that they provide.

Several aspects of a hotel make it exclusive. There are breathtaking interior décor and designs that always set these places apart from the others. Exclusive designs and décor are matched with an equally high quality of cuisine and beverages that are served here. The rooms measured based on their incorporated facilities and comfort.

Luxury Boutique Hotels of the World

There are several hotels across different countries of the world that will mesmerize you with their exceptional service and high standards of facilities.

Maison 140

This exclusive accommodation hotel is located at Beverly Hills in the United States of America. This is a unique blend of French and Oriental styles of architecture and interior designs. It lends the place a look of a rich heritage. The décor is complemented with the luxury of furnishings and comfortable linen that guests get to use.


This is the name of an exotic boutique hotel in Bali, Indonesia. In full access of the Ayung River there are open all modern facilities of the Spa and the tennis court within this hotel even while it has retained the ethnic and indigenous appeal of the hotel.

Bora Bora Lagoon Resort and Spa

There is nothing to define the serenity and picturesque beauty of French Polynesia. This hotel that exemplifies luxury with a new standard of service.. There are some of the best experiences in store for you here.

Cap Estel

Enjoy the true classic French hospitality and luxury at Cap Estel in Cote D’ Azur, France. This beautiful mansion will be in true French class for all your dream holidays. Palm trees and terrace gardens provide seclusion amidst all luxury of the poolside and a private beach with your own view of the sea.

Berns Hotel

This is a luxury boutique hotel in Stockholm, Sweden. Apart from the finesse of its interiors and décor style there is a high standard of service that is followed here. The hotel places top priority to guest comforts and conveniences. They offer assistance to every need of the travelers that come to stay with them here from different parts of the world.

These are only some of the names of some of the best among luxury boutique hotels that are there in different countries of the world. There are many more and each is marked by its own signature style of class and luxury.

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