The Enchanting Athens

If you like a quiet environment, you should go to Athens where there are many city parks and quiet places fit for you. Every season in Athens is enchanting. No matter you only pass by Athens when you went to an island in summer or you just consider Athens as a place of interest and the threshold of Greek mainland, she will attract you a lot. Athens prepares everything for everybody who comes here. The Athenians are all proud of their city.

Athens is the capital of Greece and it is the largest city and industrial center of Greece, Athens is located in the Attica plain which is in the southeast of Greek peninsula with the Krensi bay in the northwest and Salol Nick bay in the south. There are mountains in the east, west and north of Athens. Mountains and sea with light sunshine, Athens is famous for her abundant history heritages and is considered as the birth place of European civilization. Also, people know her for her fresh air and pleasant climate. About six million people come to visit or spend their holidays here. The city of Athens is about five thousand years old now. At 8th century BC, Ionians built the ancient Greek city of Athens which as the leader of an alliance.

Ancient Athens is the origin of western culture. Athenians make great contributions in art, philosophy, law and science. The period of 5th century B.C is the most prosperous period that many great masters were born or lived there such as the great cothurnus writer Euripides, the great comedy writer Aristophanes, the philosopher Socrates, Plato, Aristotle and the historian Herodotus. These brilliant names shine the dawn of human culture.

Athens is the center of Greek cultural relics. Lots of ancient cultural relics which can reflect the magnificent spirit of those days still remain there so far. The Athenian museums are world-famous.

Athens is the ship and airport center of every country in eastern Mediterranean Sea. It is 10 kilometers far from the outside harbor Piraeus and almost all the imports and exports trade of Greece are carried on here. The northeast of the urban district is the centre of politics and culture and the southwest and the port are Commercial and industrial areas. There is a peculiar marble reservoir of marathon in the northeast which affords the urban the drinking water. Athens is the vacation resort for travel fans. The blue Aegean Sea welcomes visitors all over the world. For more information about traveling, please have a look at

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