Travel to India – Satisfying Your Thirst to Explore

“Journeys end in lovers’ meetings… Journeys end in India”

Welcome to the land of beauty, royalty, grandeur, devotion and love! Welcome to India – the fastest growing part of the world in terms of tourism. India is a place that has a perfect blend of architectural beauty, natural wonders, holy pilgrimages, enchanting wildlife and exciting adventure sports. Moreover, theme based tours are again best enjoyed here in India only.

Major Attractions
This dynamic and surcharges land is blessed with countless attractions:

Starting from the north – the Himalayas & the Zanskar range together prove to be the biggest mountain ranges in the world. These are ideal for relaxing as well as adventure holidays. Apart from that, they serve as a home to several Buddhist & Hindu pilgrimages.

In west, Rajasthan serves as the most colourful and highest revenue generating state in terms of tourism. Enchanting forts & palaces, architectural wonders, sand dunes, exciting camel rides and colourful festivals are the soul of Rajasthan that draw countless tourists from all across the globe.

Beach and watery destinations like Goa, Mumbai, Kerala and Tamil Nadu are simply unique in every aspect. The life is centred at water here, so lifestyle of local villagers differs completely. But traditional luxury houseboats and rejuvenating Ayurveda centres alongside these waterways are undoubtedly the most important elements of these states.

Parts of Rajasthan, Uttaranchal, Madhya Pradesh, Kerala, Karnataka and Sikkim comprise of classic green belts that are presently serving as world famous wildlife sanctuaries. These national parks or sanctuaries are home to several rarest of the animals and migratory birds.

Coming to the architectural wonders, India is not restricted to Rajasthan only. The Taj Mahal (Agra), Agra Fort, Red Fort (Delhi), Qutub Minar (Delhi), Fort Kochi etc. are some other popular places that have been centre of attractions among all the history buffs.

Therefore, we see that there is no dearth of attractions in India and it offers a wide range of tour packages to almost all kinds of travellers with varying tastes and moods.

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