What to See When Staying in Nusa Dua Hotels

Whilst the mist-circled mountains, historic sites, religious ruins and shopping districts are all very good reasons to visit the shores of Bali, the beaches tend to be the real draw for many holidaymakers. When it is the beaches that visitors want, Nusa-Dua hotels tend to win favour for very good reason.

Nusa Dua is in Bali’s southern region on the eastern side of the peninsula that bears the same name. This particular destination is one of the island’s most popular as it has grown up to include many resorts along its white-sand beaches. Visitors who centre their trips to Bali in Nusa_Dua hotels will find this spot is a great home base for adventures on this part of the island. Some of the area’s top attractions include:

* Dreamland Beach – This beach is known for its gently scalloped shore and white sands. It is popular among the surfing set and is especially suited for surfers at the intermediate level. Nusa_Dua Beach is also considered among the best in the world and well worth a trip.

* Pasifika Museum – This museum contains an extensive collection of art from around the world. Art on display comes not only from Indonesia, but also France, Italy and Holland.

* Bali Golf and Country Club – For some holidaymakers, the idea of golfing in paradise is heaven. This destination located in close proximity to hotels in Nusa-Dua answers the calls. The course features 18 holes.

* Nusa -Dua’s many restaurants – If savouring the local cuisine sounds like a plan, restaurants found near Bali hotels in Nusa-Dua will not disappoint. The Nusa Dua beach area offers just about every type of food imaginable. From true Indonesian flavours to Mexican, Cajun, French and Russian, the flavours of the world can all be found here.

* The shops – Nusa Dua is a shopper’s paradise on earth. Whilst a number of shopping districts and boutiques exist in the area, the real draw here is The Bali Collection. This sprawling outdoor mall offers a little bit of everything. It houses international stores right next door to local favourites. Visitors to Bali can find just about anything imaginable in the Collection’s stores.

* Pulau Penyu – This is a conservation island located close to Nusa Dua. It serves as an excellent day trip for those staying in Nusa Dua hotels. Here visitors can see such “natives” as komodo dragons, turtles, birds, snakes and more. Pulau Penyu, by the way, means Turtle Island in English. Holidaymakers will have to take a boat to get here.

* Uluwatu – This is a nearby destination that offers visitors to Nusa Dua a chance to soak up some of Bali’s ancient history. The Uluwatu Temple itself is a major sight that is considered one of Bali’s six directional temples. The temple dates back to the 11th century and offers a breathtaking sight for visitors as it sits atop a cliff that is some 70 meters above the Indian Ocean.

Nusa Dua hotels offer holidaymakers an opportunity to take in the best of Bali. This highly popular destination has the beaches, the shops and the historic sites that make Bali so memorable.

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