Food and Fun in Reykjavik

Do you consider yourself to be a foodie? Do you want to travel to Iceland and just need a good enough reason to go? Well, the Reykjavik Food Festival just may be the answer you’re looking for. For the last nine years, the city of Reykjavik has been home to this event which is held during the last week of February. The festival brings together outdoor activities, the Reykjavik nightlife and fine cuisine. People from all over arrive to partake in this event, whether it is to compete, eat or party. Local chefs will be competing with others from around the globe to win the coveted title “Chef of the Year 2010”.

Each is assigned to one of the local restaurants participating in the competition (the restaurants chosen are considered to be the best in the city). He or she will create a menu of gastronomic delights using only Icelandic ingredients and the special menu is served for an entire week. Awards will be given for “Best Meat Course”, “Best Fish Course” and “Best Dessert”. But there will be only one award give to “Reykjavik Food and Fun Festival – Chef of the Year 2010”.

This year the event will be held from Wednesday 24 February until Sunday the 28th of February. Come and join the fun, and don’t forget to visit the Blue Lagoon and go see the glaciers, geysers and waterfalls while you’re there. Visiting Iceland is a once in a lifetime experience that should be taken full advantage of.

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